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Smart tools to manage

your insurance agency

Simply tell SideKick how you expect your agency to operate. Start getting more done, with fewer people.

Finally, there is a simple process to get your team and business running smoothly and efficiently.

No matter what.



Supercharges your team

to work the way you expect.

Drives efficient use

of your existing CRM 

Purpose-built especially for insurance agencies.


As new opportunities and challenges arise, your team has to adjust faster than ever before.   CEOs need a simple way to make sure everything keeps happening year after year. Even when the team changes.


87% of employees say they are not clear what needs to be done.


Agencies that complete quick, daily meetings focused on individual progress are 46% more likely to reach their long term objectives. Shifting that responsibility from the CEO onto the team improves both quality and frequency. 

81% of teams say they are not held accountable to regular progress.

Training and 

High quality people demand a CEO they believe is invested in their career development.  And leaders are frustrated by expensive offsite classes that are quickly forgotten.  Your employee needs a path, and it needs to be their responsibility. 

83% of millennials say they will leave a job that lacks high quality development.

Meet Your SideKick

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Our touching user testimonials speak for themselves.  You can expect an elegant design, with a thoughtful onboarding experience.  ANYONE from a new hire to a 20 year veteran will find SideKick easy to use. 


SideKick kills the cracks that hurt your retention and sales. We improve team usage of your CRM and set your office management on autopilot. Your new and existing team members will be thinking the right way about the right things.

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"It felt like we added an extra team member."

Eddie B. |  6 Year State Farm Agent
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"SideKick has saved me so many times."

Stacy F. | Bilingual Account Manager
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Partnership with 

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 We're deeply proud of our relationship with RacingSnail. It's a great example of how SideKick can help improve the value and effectiveness of the tools your agency team already uses.

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