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Simple Pricing

$25 per player

2 week free trial

then billed monthly

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Or hire us
to check you in!

Not sure you have the right person on your team to be your Sidekick?

Maybe you fly solo?

Our SideKicks use your preferred remote working platform to give teams and leaders
2 check-ins a day, 5 days a week.
$200 per player
$200 setup fee
Cancel anytime

Return on Investment

Multi-location insurance agent Kevin Carruthers saw his team's life appointments TRIPLE in the first 30 days after starting SideKick.

Why wouldn't
you try it?


SideKick pays for itself with consistent sales results, reduced overhead costs, and retention of both your customers and employees.

 The tempo of the team will increase with  a DAILY pattern of accountability.  SideKick is the only tool that shifts this critical responsibility away from the leader.

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As the team uses tools like a CRM better, the check-ins start pulling leaders out of the chaos to make quick, smart decisions based on data you can trust.

SideKicks keeps things running while lifting the team's reliance on any one person.  Even if the team loses a key person, the critical things keep happening, no matter what. 


Download your accountability toolkit to get started on the road to breakthrough results.

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