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You will see dramatic results and your team will love it.


"We saw our life appointments increase by 3 times in the first 30 days after starting SideKick."

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Kevin, Multi-Location Agent
Best of Testimonials

"It was huge for us. It replaced 5 things we were doing, and allowed us to focus on sales instead of fires."

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Sonia, Agent

"SideKick helps me stay on track. I'm loving it."

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Melissa, Sales Specialist, 6 years

"I know when my SideKick comes in, we're going to get things done."

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Cindy, Account Manager, 25 years

"Sales went up and customer problems went down. Both locations are tighter." 

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Martin, Multi-Location Agent

"SideKick completely changed the environment in the office. For everyone."

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Dilcia, Account Manager, 17 years

"It worked, and

it still works."

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Jamie, Auto Specialist, 19 years

"SideKick allowed us to adapt much faster than our peers."

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Jennifer, Agent

"SideKick helps us prioritize our tasks and only takes 5 minutes."

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Crystal, SideKick role at her agency
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