You will see dramatic results and your team will love it.

"We saw our life appointments increase by 3 times in the first 30 days after starting SideKick."

Kevin, Multi-Location Agent
Best of Testimonials

"It was huge for us. It replaced 5 things we were doing, and allowed us to focus on sales instead of fires."

Sonia, Agent

"SideKick helps me stay on track. I'm loving it."

Melissa, Sales Specialist, 6 years

"I know when my SideKick comes in, we're going to get things done."

Cindy, Account Manager, 25 years

"Sales went up and customer problems went down. Both locations are tighter." 

Martin, Multi-Location Agent

"SideKick completely changed the environment in the office. For everyone."

Dilcia, Account Manager, 17 years

"It worked, and

it still works."

Jamie, Auto Specialist, 19 years

"SideKick allowed us to adapt much faster than our peers."

Jennifer, Agent

"SideKick helps us prioritize our tasks and only takes 5 minutes."

Crystal, SideKick role at her agency

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