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Meet SideKick Check-Ins.

Put your agency’s superpowers on auto-pilot.  

Engage and motivate.

SideKIck Check-Ins took the time-tested 1-on-1 meeting, transformed it, modernized it, and turned into a competitive advantage for committed agency teams. The result is an 

accountability process + app that consistently boosts profits, productivity, and peace of mind. 




Custom Check-ins 

Teams complete quick, daily check-ins with each player in your agency, each of which is curated to support the various roles, responsibilities and personalities in your organization. Team tested, boss approved.


From One-on-Ones to weekly team meetings to morning huddles, making that time productive is a huge challenge for any manager. SideKick turns your team’s real world answers into agenda items that help you bring out everyone’s best. 



1-on-1 meetings are an essential part of any team’s communication toolkit. We’re not talking about your grandfather’s 1-on-1, ours have memes.  By working together in this way, teams overcome obstacles faster, communicate better, and get things done with ease.


EVERY business has long term projects that fall through the cracks--even though they really work.  If you stop talking about it, or a team member changes it just stops. With SideKick Projects™ you can now keep these ongoing responsibilities from losing their impact and make sure they get done no matter what. 


Testimonials and acclaim


"SideKick has saved me

so many times."

Stacy F. | Bilingual Account Manager
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