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 SideKick is a stand-alone process that complements any existing tool that winning agents use. 

1 Month OFF


for RacingSnail agencies

that sign up for SideKick.



for all SideKick agencies

that sign up for RacingSnail.

Use Coupon 'Sidekick' 

    "RacingSnail was built into the heart of the Daily Cadence of Accountability that sets SideKick apart."

Blair E. |  11 Year State Farm Agent
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Focused on their Income

Teams running SideKick are more connected to RacingSnail's real-time commission check estimators. 

Skill Development

SideKick educates your new people with RacingSnail's foundational habits, and then we move on to hacks for your more experienced people.


Better Understand Your Bonus Plan

    Teams running SideKick are more likely to understand how you've designed their commission plan in RacingSnail, and what exactly what they need THIS WEEK to get to the next level. 

Keep them Sharp

Through our peer-driven process, sales teams using SideKick are more likely to still be using RacingSnail consistently and properly in the future. 

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