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Someone on your existing team will use our app to complete quick, amazing check-ins.

SideKick is a team-run, highly intelligent office management and sales leadership tool.

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This is SideKick



They'll read each other questions and you'll immediately see them level up. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Your Way

Every Check-In is ultra-specific to your business, your existing tools, that unique employee and what you expect them to do. We adjust in real time to their priorities and results.


Change Habits

Need your people to develop a new skill? Just set it once and SideKick will solve the problem permanently.  You can change their behavior based on what the market demands. 

Better Meetings

The owner receives meaningful agenda items for the next Team Meeting or One-on-One.  And we make sure your employee shows up just as prepared as you are.

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Use your CRM better

Teams running SideKick see 63% higher adoption of tools like SalesForce and other eCRMs.  We hold them accountable. And leaders will make faster, wiser decisions.

Owner Check-Ins

If this was all we did, we'd STILL be worth twice the price! SideKick takes managers out of the whirlwind and asks vital questions that drive profitable growth. 



A wildly important goal can stop feeling urgent. You and your team will have to SAY where they are and what they still need. And we'll even send the manager alerts when someone needs coaching.


Millennials will leave your team if they aren't being developed. Each team member's SideKick journey includes self-directed training. These include short videos, skill challenges and career development.


Fill the Cracks

The busier the team, the tighter it has to run. We ask your people, "What's only stored in your head? What computer tabs can you close out? What's on your desk? Have you promised a customer anything?"  


The owner (and anyone you allow the authority to delegate work) will be reminded to hand off low impact tasks to lesser paid team members. You'll give it away with a simple click and we'll even help you verify it got done. 

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We Love

Your Tools 

We help your people use the tools and processes they already trust. SideKick uses the same best practices used by emergency rooms and pilots when lives are on the line. 


Made by craftsmen who are focused on creating things that work, the SideKick experience is both beautiful and habit-forming for your team.


"It was huge for us. It replaced 5 things we were doing, and allowed us to focus on sales instead of fires."

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