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Peer-driven accountability in your agency

Accountability in a sales and service team means taking personal ownership over our own responsibility to meet our commitments, to be ethical, and to achieve agency goals as you do what you need to do in your personal life to show up for work ready to deliver consistent results. Creating a culture of team run, peer driven self accountability is crucial for productivity, performance, and teamwork.

Sidekick is a process that is used by agencies across the country where a team member on your team (or one of our remote Sidekicks) completes quick, work-driven one-on-one checkins with everyone on your team. The questions were written over many years by the top agents in the country. We help your team keep things from falling through the cracks, we guide them on an ongoing skill development journey while coaching them to get their head out of the chaos and focused on reaching their most important goals.

Here is the philosophy Sidekick built into our Sidekick Check-ins process and why we felt it was so important to create a culture of accountability in YOUR sales and service teams:

  • Set Clear Expectations: Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations for each team member. Make sure everyone understands their specific objectives and what success looks like.

  • Establish Goals and Metrics: Develop measurable and achievable goals for your team. These goals should be aligned with the organization's objectives and should include key performance indicators (KPIs) that track progress.

Sidekick logo for insurance. Superhero in black next to the name. She has SK on her cape. sidekicks sidekick checkins insurance agency

  • Regular Communication: What?? Did someone say our favorite word on Earth? As you can imagine, if we built a process where your team is forced to SAY OUT LOUD what they have to do and what they are going to get done, you can bet we are big believers in the power of language to move the needle. And our results speak for themselves. Sidekick sales teams see an 18% increase in average.

  • Maintain open and transparent communication channels within the team. Regular team meetings, one-on-one check-ins, and status updates help team members stay informed and accountable.

  • Ownership and Responsibility: Encourage team members to take ownership of their tasks and projects. When individuals feel a sense of ownership, they are more likely to be accountable for the outcomes.

  • Accountability Agreements: Consider having team members create individual accountability agreements. These documents can outline their commitments, deadlines, and consequences for not meeting them.

Cartoon man in suit running through tape at the end of the race and the tape reads success. sidekicks sidekick checkins insurance agency

  • Provide Resources and Training: Ensure that team members have the necessary resources, tools, and training to succeed. Lack of resources can be a barrier to accountability.

  • Feedback and Performance Reviews: Implement regular performance reviews and feedback sessions. These should be constructive and focus on both achievements and areas needing improvement. Use these sessions to set goals and action plans.

  • Recognition and Rewards: Recognize and reward team members for their achievements and accountability. Positive reinforcement can motivate individuals to maintain high levels of responsibility.

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  • Consequences for Non-Accountability: While it's essential to recognize and reward accountability, it's also important to address non-accountability. Have a system in place for addressing missed deadlines or unmet goals, which may include coaching, additional training, or, in extreme cases, performance improvement plans.

  • Lead by Example: Leaders within the sales and service teams should exemplify accountability themselves. When team members see their leaders taking their commitments seriously, it sets a positive tone for the entire team.

  • Promote Collaboration: Foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Team members are more likely to hold each other accountable when they feel a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

A cartoon of a leader with a team, all in suits. They just reached a mountain peak and the leader is now pointing to the next mountain.  sidekicks sidekick checkins insurance agency
A cartoon of a sidekicks sidekick checkins insurance agency

  • Continuous Improvement: Encourage continuous improvement and learning. Teams should regularly assess their processes and identify areas for enhancement. This proactive approach can lead to higher accountability.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Recognize that unexpected challenges can arise. Encourage flexibility and adaptability among team members while ensuring they remain accountable for adjusting their plans as needed.

Creating a culture of accountability is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and leadership. Any that's why the Sidekick Check-in process is the ideal tool agents use to get there.

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