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Why you need Sidekicks personal assistant process in your captive agency.

Sidekick Check-ins is a daily process that gives everyone on your team a personal assistant, a gym buddy and a coach all-in-one. The process was created by the top multi-line selling agency in the history of captive insurance. Ranked #1 in multi-line 23 times. SideKick is owned by former team members.

In the world of captive insurance agencies, where the dynamics are intricate and the stakes are high, the role of an executive assistant is often an unsung hero. Everyone on the your team benefits when they each have someone giving them that level of support, accountability and coaching.

In my experience training sidekicks around the world since ~2017 we’ve found these professionals play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations and long-term success of an insurance sales and service organization. In this article, we will explore why it is crucial for a captive insurance agent to have an executive assistant using Sidekicks Check-in process to give each player the support they need. And I’ll cover how these types of agency solutions can enhance efficiency, productivity, client and team satisfaction.

1. Managing the Complexity of the Team:

Captive insurance is a specialized and highly competitive sector of the insurance industry. It’s never been harder to be a captive agent, even though the opportunity is huge. Navigating through the complexities of staffing, marketing, selling, developing your people and getting the bills paid can be daunting. An executive assistant running Sidekick Check-ins can bring essential administrative and organizational skills to streamline these complexities.

Executive assistants running Sidekicks checkin process will quickly become well-versed in the intricacies of your team, ensuring that day-to-day tasks run smoothly. They are adept at handling the administrative aspects of captive insurance, from service to sales to operations and everything in between. Their work allows agents to focus on the big priorities: Strategic growth, training and client relationships.

2. Enhanced Efficiency and Time Management:

Time is a valuable resource in the captive insurance sector. With numerous clients to serve, policies to manage agents often find themselves overwhelmed with administrative tasks. An executive assistant using Sidekicks process will dramatically increase efficiency.

These assistants excel in asking players questions that make sure promises get kept and everyone is thinking about priority. They ensure that agents stay on track, meet crucial deadlines, and allocate their time effectively. By offloading routine accountability to the executive assistant, captive insurance agents can invest more time on the biggest impact goals.

3. Using the tools (like your CRM) correctly:

Maintaining strong client relationships is the cornerstone of success in the captive insurance business. An executive assistant running Sidekicks check-in process can play a vital role in this aspect of the agency's operations.

Our executive assistants help everyone on your team stay well-versed in providing excellent client service. They serve as a bridge between agents and team, facilitating smooth communication and ensuring that client needs are met promptly. And goals are achieved.

4. Making sure nothing falls through the cracks:

In an environment like captive insurance, meticulous record-keeping and compliance are non-negotiable. An executive assistant can provide everyone on your team essential administrative support by making sure the things in the head get turned into trackable tasks. How often does it happen that an agent gets a lead on the fly at a meeting and then it gets forgotten. This never happens when you have a Sidekick.

Their attention to YOUR details helps agencies avoid costly errors and maintain a strong reputation.

5. Having a Gym buddy: Team Collaboration:

Effective communication within the agency is vital for seamless operations. An executive assistant running Sidekicks check-in process can serve as a central point of contact, facilitating communication between team members, agent, and clients.

6. Cost-Effective Solutions:

Hiring and training an executive assistant can be a significant financial commitment for captive insurance agencies. Sidekick offers a cost-effective alternative by providing a simple tool that your newest hire can to bring TREMENDOUS VALUE from week 1. This allows agencies to access top-notch administrative support without the overhead costs of hiring a veteran office manager or outsourcing.


In the competitive and complex world of captive insurance agencies, the role of an executive assistant providing support to the players and leader cannot be overstated. These professionals, using SideKicks check-in app and resources, bring efficiency, organization, and client-focused support to the agency's operations.

They allow captive insurance agents to navigate the complexities of the industry with ease, enhance client relationships, and drive sustainable growth. In a field where every advantage counts, an executive assistant running Sidekicks app is an invaluable resource that can elevate the success of any captive insurance agency.

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