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Can an agency really be bulletproof? 4 ways to build a bulletproof agency

As the current market navigates through the economic cycle, many economists are predicting that the U.S. will avoid a recession. However, the U.S. is still in the "contraction" phase of the economic cycle, and there are still risks of high inflation, softer corporate profits, and aggressive monetary policy. With monetary policy tightening, the yield curve remains inverted, typically signaling an impending recession.

While it may be challenging to predict how long the economy will remain in this phase or when the transition to the next phase will occur, there will always be insurance brokerages and captive agents that thrive, regardless of the economic environment. These firms manage to achieve organic growth levels above the industry average while their peers struggle to adapt to market conditions.

Here's how you can join the premium firms that achieve strong growth:

Adapt Your Strategies to Changing Market Conditions

Market and economic conditions can significantly impact your business's growth and value. Factors like inflation, interest rates, consumer confidence, and market volatility influence growth trends in the insurance sector. However, most firms struggle to maintain consistent growth throughout market cycles.

Consider adjusting your strategies to account for these conditions and challenges. For instance, during an economic downturn, be prepared to take on less risk. In a hard market, seize opportunities to specialize your offerings, enhance client services, and develop a strategy for the market's return to a softer phase. In the current hard market, clients often face significant rate increases or non-renewals. Understanding your position in the economic cycle will inform your business decisions and help you prepare for market shifts. Strategies and areas of focus should be tailored to the specific conditions rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Focus on Elements within Your Control

Even in a challenging macroeconomic environment, brokerage firms and captive agencies can distinguish themselves by concentrating on factors within their control, such as annual goal setting, compensation strategies, and sales planning. These standout companies often attract interest from potential buyers and command premium valuations, even when overall merger and acquisition (M&A) activity is slow.

Embrace an Organic Growth Mindset in All Markets

Despite strong demand, current economic conditions may be starting to affect valuations for average firms. Firms with organic growth rates below industry averages are likely to struggle to achieve valuations similar to those seen in the past 36 months. This creates an opportunity for other firms to stand out by adopting a growth-oriented mindset.

Here are 4 ways to build a bulletproof agency or brokerage:

  1. Annual New Business Goal Setting: Set individual producer goals based on historical performance, strategic planning, and sales planning. Categories for goal setting may include minimum goals, individual goals, organizational budget goals, and stretch goals.

  2. Reward the Hunter Mindset: Firms with the highest organic growth generate significantly more new business per production person. Implement a compensation model that incentivizes producers to focus on acquiring new business.

  3. Pipeline Management: Use a pipeline management system to keep producers engaged in every step of the sales process, drive prospecting activity, and increase the probability of closing targeted accounts. Encourage producers to track successes and learn from unsuccessful attempts.

  4. Evaluate your process: Consider a daily process like SideKick Check-ins to get your sales and service organization operation on autopilot. Agents and brokers around the world have used the team-run SideKick Check-ins process to run their insurance sales and service teams.

Additionally, as your book of business becomes more complex, focus on differentiation and a unique value proposition. Train your team to navigate complex selling scenarios and identify niche opportunities for better results.

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