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What it feels like to Sidekick

By now you know that a Sidekick check-in is a personal assistant, a gym buddy and a coach all-in-one. Someone on your team will use the Sidekick app as they complete quick, daily check-ins with each player on your team. But what does it really feel like to lead an insurance agency team that runs Sidekick check-ins everyday?

An cartoon of a happy agent in green shirt with a team using sidekick

When you have your players getting a daily Sidekick check-in you've given your sales and service team a cadence of accountability that becomes the heartbeat of your success. It's the rhythmic pulse that keeps everyone aligned, motivated, and on track.

An cartoon of a happy woman with rocket on her back since using sing sidekick

This team-run approach to accountability and skill development ensures that ambitious goals are not just set, but consistently vocalized and met. Like sunlight kills germs, a Sidekick check-in also spreads transparency, enhances cross training, breaks down silos and builds a culture of shared responsibility to get the biggest things in your insurance agency done.

a cartoon image of a speedometer with dollar signs showing progress after using sidekicks check-in process

Each player owns their own skill development journey, and the leader is kept up to date on their progress with precision. But the journey belongs to the player. Teams running Sidekick have the roadmap to achieving consistent growth and excellence in sales and retention, ensuring that everyone moves in harmony towards their most ambitious shared objectives.

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