Simple Pricing

$20 per Team Member

Per Month. Billed Annually


$25 per Team Member

Per Month. Billed Monthly

Return on Investment

Multi-Location Insurance Agent Kevin Carruthers saw his team generated life appointments TRIPLE in the first 30 days after starting SideKick.


What would that type of shift be

worth to you?

SideKick pays for itself in reduced overhead costs, improved retention of both customers and employees, and the increase in sales you'll see in your sales funnel.

 The tempo of your team will increase with our new DAILY Cadence of Accountability.  SideKick is the only tool that shifts this critical responsibility away from the leader.

SideKick keeps things running while making you less reliant on any one person.  Even if you lose a key person, the critical things keep happening, no matter what. 

As your team uses your CRM better, we'll start pulling you out of the whirlwind to make quick, leadership decisions.  

The best part of the deal: 

SideKick will bring you even more value year after year as we invest in your tools. 


The awesome ideas from our growing pool of customers means the menu of problems we solve continues to grow. 

Made with LOVE in Texas